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Start a new business in The UK
If you are starting a business in The UK, this site is full of FREE resources, useful information and local contacts to help you start and grow successfully.

Start Your Own Business (now over 12 years old) contains information and advice but, unlike other start-up sites, it also contains details of LOCAL organisations who can help you. The firms listed on each page have declared themselves to be 'new business friendly' and will welcome your enquiries.

Start-Up Resources

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Latest Start Up Articles

Keep up to date with the most recent business thinking from around the world

Over the years, we have amassed a large collection of articles which we believe you may find useful. The vast majority of these have been kindly supplied by experts in each relevant field.

How to get a Low Cost Phone Connection for your New Start-Up Business
When considering launching a new business, it is vital that you put in place a business telephone connection that can grow with your business but which doesn’t saddle you with high overhead costs during the start-up phase.
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – May 2018. The Clock is Ticking
GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018. This will significantly change UK data protection practices and you need to be aware of how this will affect your business.
37 Tasks You Should Outsource To Free Up Your Time and Skyrocket Your Business
If you’re starting a business, the chances are you fall into one of two categories.
Is it worth spending my valuable time on Social Media?
If you are scratching your head wondering the same thing, I am pleased to let you know that you are not alone! We are being encouraged to embrace this new revolution: to ‘Tweet’, ‘Like’, ‘Post’, ‘Follow’ and generally use perfectly good working time to ‘keep up with modern technology’.
Jason's Networking Tips for the Introverted Personality
Networking plays an important part in spreading your brand awareness and growing your Small Business. If you prefer a good book to a party then as an introvert you may struggle with a room full of networkers.
How Can Market Research Work For My Business?
First, it is necessary to understand what market research is and what it is used for.
Why Employ a Business Coach to Help with your Start Up?
As a business startup, you will have a budget to stick to. This means that you need to keep your expenditure to a minimum whilst trying to grow your business. So why employ a business coach?
Digital Marketing Tips For Start-Ups
Ok, so you've been funded and no it's time for the actual planning to begin! This is probably the most challenging part of the whole thing. There are so many options, where do you begin looking? PurpleFruit's guide can help you.
What is a Commercial Guarantee?
A commercial guarantee is a promise to ensure that a third party either: (i) fulfils its obligations; and/or (ii) a promise to fulfil those obligations should the third party fail. It is a contractual commitment that creates a secondary obligation to support a primary obligation such as repayment of a loan.
Female entrepreneurs leading the way
New business start-ups have been largely dominated by men in the past, but a recent survey conducted by HSBC has highlighted a shift in the male/female ratio. The Essence of Enterprise report found that female entrepreneurs make up 59 per cent of UK entrepreneurs under the age of thirty-five.

Latest Business Tips

Business Tips

Keep on top of your business expenses

Use one of our Apps to scan in your receipts and tickets and automatically add them to the expenses section of our Cloud Based accounting software. no need to collect receipts and add them to a spread sheet at the end of the month.Quick, easy and accurate.

Don't Leave it too late!

The earlier you plan the more efficient the outcome.

Save time

Through outsourcing your payroll function, we allow you to work on your business, by making sure staff are paid accurately and on time, every time.

Responsive Design - Mobile ready

Make sure your website is responsive, this means that it is viewable on any device. In 2017 more people were browsing on mobile phones than on desktop computers so think about what information is going to load up first. Images (or animations) can be forfeited on smaller devices for faster loading times so content is king, is it attention grabbing? Make sure that the first few sentences you write are going to keep your customers engaged.

Your Logo

Print it to make sure the colour scheme works as well on print as well as it looks on screen

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Local Contacts

Find Local Help & Support

In addition to the information that applies to start-ups everywhere, we have also created LOCAL sections to help you find the help and support that is on your own doorstep. This includes, business advice, networking, funding & grants, accountancy, web design, and much more.

We are a small friendly team and always welcome enquiries from anyone who is thinking who is planning to start a business or from anyone who can offer help and support. Contact us.