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Is Your Current Mindset Hindering Your Business Success

How you think can directly affect the success of your business.

Creating the Mindset for Success is vital for achieving your business vision and key business goals.

Experience has reinforced my belief that a big part of a success mindset is good thought processing. Id like to communicate an example of poor thought processing, the impacts of it and also share with you a simple and very effective model that I utilize with clients that will help you to create a mindset that will empower you to generate more of the results that you want this year.

Just for a moment: Please open your mind to the following statement:

Your thoughts influence your emotions (feelings), your thoughts and emotions effect your actions and your actions effect your results.

And once again because its important:

Your thoughts influence your feelings (emotions);
Your thoughts and feelings influence your actions;
Your actions effect your results!

How did you and I get here? You & I are the result of specific actions that were fueled by specific thoughts and powerful feelings.

You might be saying right now SO WHAT? - so lets use a business example and lets pretend that: Youre a Business Owner and responsible for driving sales and your current thought processing is: No ones buying, theres a recession, whats the point - theyll just say no anyway, everyones struggling, its tough out there.........

How would you be feeling thinking that way?

You could be feeling unmotivated, flat, anxious, stressed etc...So thinking and feeling that way - What revenue generation actions are you likely to take?

You could not be making sales calls, not following up, not asking for the sale, in other words - complete in-action.

And if there is complete in-action......What will the results be?
The results could be: Not making your revenue targets for the week, month, year;
More stress & anxiety caused by worry, because regardless of your sales youve still got fixed expenses to pay.

You beat yourself up, labeling yourself as a failure and the result of that is even more lost self-esteem.

Where will this thought processing take you and your business?

The cause and effect relationship between your thoughts, emotions, actions and results is powerful, do not underestimate it.

I hope that demonstrates to you the link between your thoughts, emotions, actions and results and the effect of poor thought processing, please also accept that YOU are never the RESULTS the results are just an effect of your actions.

So now WHAT? If your currently caught up in this...What do you do? How do you break the loop?

Right now...You grab a pen/paper and you work backwards by answering these questions:

What results do I really want in my business?
What will achieving these results really give me?
What actions can I take to generate these results?
In order to be taking those actions....How do I need to be feeling about myself? my business? my offering?

In order to be feeling that way.....How would I need to be thinking about myself?, My business? My offering? My prospects? My customers?

Then consciously choose to think that way and make it your number 1 priority right now because when you change your thinking you will change your feelings, your actions and get better results.

Darren Ward CMgr IIC APC

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