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4 Key Ways To Cultivate Perseverance As A Business Startup

Perseverance is defined by the online dictionary as 'steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement'. Every budding entrepreneur needs an added dose of perseverance to be able to achieve business success. The business journey can be rough sometimes and perseverance is what is needful to sail through the storm.

How to Cultivate Perseverance:

1.Maximise Your Strengths - To be able to cultivate a consistent positive mindset you need to focus on the tasks you do best. Some tasks are mentally draining and it might be best to delegate them to someone else. Do not spend your time trying to master tasks you are not good at, delegate and outsource instead. The energy you spend on these tasks is worth more than the money you think you will save by doing it yourself.

2.Passion - do not lose focus on what you enjoy in your business. It is so easy to be caught up with the day to day grind that you forget why you started your business in the first place. Make it a daily priority to trace your steps back to your passion and it will help you persevere through the challenges.

3. Learn to Focus - when 101 things are in need of your attention, it can be difficult to stay focused. Focus is needful to keep your business afloat and thriving. Spend time each day getting into your zone - find a quiet place to meditate and relax before you start your day. Turn off distractions such as pop up emails, text messages, and social media notifications by allocating specific time slots to deal with them. Start your day determined to succeed and accelerate your business growth.

4.Be Consistent - take consistent action daily to build your business and watch it growth. Develop the habit of starting work at the same time every day. Create a to-do-list and stick to the plan. A daily routine will help get the job done and keep you motivated to create the success you want for your business.

Every business start-up has a never-ending task list to conquer daily. To get through the tough days you need a positive mindset and a high dose of perseverance. Without this mindset, it is easy to give up when the going gets tough. Obstacles and challenges can frustrate even the most astute of business owners. Spending time doing what you love will help you persevere through the pressure moments if or when they come.

Writers Bio.

Temi Koleowo runs Business First Steps and Business Steps 4 Women. She is passionate about helping people turn their ideas into viable products and services. Her business offers a range of services including the flagship programs - Start-up Navigator for those starting out and the Accountability program Building Blocks for new and existing businesses. Get access to the FREE 3Ts Templates, Tips and Tools by subscribing via the website at - delivered to your inbox fortnightly.

Temi Koleowo
Business First Steps

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