How to find the right marketing company.

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Marketing Companies around the UK differ quite a lot; partly because marketing is such a wide and diverse industry, but also because there are so many marketing companies to choose from.

Many businesses when they are thinking of taking on a marketing agency, do not really know where to start. In the UK there are thousands of marketing agencies all of different shapes and sizes – so how do you find the best one?

It is a little easier, now we have the internet, as it has made searching easier. However it has made the world more accessible and as such, one could spend many hours researching and looking for the right sort of marketing agency.

Most of us would look for:

1/ An agency that is experienced in our industry.
2/ An agency that is good at getting results through good business practices.
3/ An agency that is local

As with all businesses, marketing agencies have experience in certain industries. Most marketing agencies work through recommendation and as such if a client was to recommend their agency to another client, then chances are they would be from within the same sector.

If you are a medical company, then it would not make sense in working with an agency that has experience with the hospitality industry - as they will not understand your industry, your clients or how to communicate your message.

We always recommend working with an experienced marketing agency, as there will be less of a learning curve and as such should achieve quicker results.

Many would say that working with a virgin agency will add fresh blood, a new approach and new ideas. However most companies would not want to take a gamble and would opt for getting quick results with an experienced agency.

Many marketing agencies will promise quick results, getting you quick and instant results - our advice is to stay away. Marketing is a long and painful process that will by any expert take time, patience and hard work. A little like building a house, it takes time and has to be done to a certain blueprint so as to get the campaign built properly and effectively.

We always advise to work with a local agency if possible - as there are so many marketing agencies to choose from, it only makes sense. Working with a local agency does carry a number of advantages.
Having the face to face contact is sometimes overlooked in the internet world, as we have all got used to working by e-mail and over the phone lines, it has taken the personal contact away. This can have a feeling of anonymity, as agencies deal with hundreds of clients via e-mail as opposed to two of three face to face. If you meet with the agency once a month or every couple of months, then the agency will feel much more prone to producing results if they feel they need to explain themselves at a meeting.

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