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Free One Page Marketing Plan

This free factsheet provides you with a great way of thinking about your target market and how to reach them. It asks you the key questions which will help you determine your marketing strategy.

If you have never created a structured marketing plan before, the idea may seem a little daunting at the outset. But fear not! Help is at hand!

There are some simple questions which, if answered after some careful thought, will enable you to think clearly about the future thrust of your business and what marketing needs to be undertaken to support this.

- My reason for existence?
- What sets my business apart?
- My ideal customer is ?
- What is most important to my ideal customer when buying?
- What I want to accomplish this year?
- The top 3 things that will get me there?
- How much will each activity contribute to sales / profitability?
- What will trigger my ideal customer to think of me?
- Marketing activities I am using to achieve my goal?
- Marketing costs for these activities?
- Other Ideas?

The factsheet also contains a completed example to stimulate your thinking!

As an extra bonus, there is also a list of 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons. (You can learn more about Guerrilla Marketing at

Free One Page Marketing Plan

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We owe a huge thankyou to Mark at Agile Marketing Agency Ltd who kindly prepared and supplied this factsheet. For more useful marketing tools please visit

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