Have you branded yourself for the business you WANT or the business you have got?

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Whether you know it or not, everyone has a personal brand; the brand is you! Your brand is more than just your clothes, your body or even your knowledge/ education. It should reflect your values, your ideas, your aspirations and talents. It is like an indelible impression of everything you embody.

Living in a highly brand aware, image focused, increasingly globalized world means that it is more important than ever, to pay attention to the visual and subliminal messages that we are communicating. And, given that we only have one chance to make a good first impression, having an effective, relevant personal brand is essential in attracting the best job/ right clients and possibly even your soul mate! An effective personal brand will help you create positive connections with others – and treated with respect, it will promote you!

5 simple steps to developing an effective personal brand

1) REALIZE your potential! Take time to discover yourself (your values, your skills, your experiences, your style/ image) - and asks close friends/ family what they think. But, do remember that your personal brand is just a reflection of what others see, not necessarily a true picture of the reality. That said it is important to get the brand of YOU right because this is the first impression you project.

2) CREATE your reality! This is about living in alignment to all the positive beliefs you have just acknowledged about yourself. If you dont believe in yourself, it will be even more difficult to convince your manager to give you that promotion/ get that client to invest in you. So, consider different ways to affirm your positive personal brand. Start off by dressing in the clothes that make you feel on top of the world (at work and outside work). Book a style consultation, get your colours analysed – your whole energy will shift!

3) COMMUNICATE your vision! Start to pick out the words that describe your personal brand and use them when you are talking about what you do - your vision, your passion and where you intend to go! Even if you are employed in a job you love, a job is not generally for life anymore, so you need to cultivate a personal brand that will carry you through to the next one.

4) RETRACE your tracks! Its now time to revisit your social media profiles, websites, and general online presence. Ask yourself- are my messages aligned to what I INTEND to communicate? Employees will often research your online presence just as much as your CV, so make sure that you are happy with whats out there.

5) EXPAND yourself! This is about keeping your dream BIG and FRESH! Whatever you do, dont let your personal brand become stagnant - stagnant water is smelly and repellent. If you stop feeling passionate about your vision, then the chances are youve outgrown it. If youre in a job you hate, get some support in finding one you love! Give yourself time every week to reconnect and explore your personal interests. Its often in the creative times that we get the best ideas – so give yourself time to grow and your brand will begin to work for you!

Check out the questions below and if any of the answers are yes, read on because I have a FREE gift to support the shift you desire in this area.

You are struggling to MANIFEST the business you originally dreamt of...?

You wish you were utilizing the talents that ENERGIZE you more...?

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Being a successful entrepreneur is all about drawing together your strengths in a highly creative, fluid way that connects all your past experiences, talents and desires into the present moment package to activate your wealth.

This means allowing movement in what you do, but remaining focused in one direction (imagine a fresh river heading towards the ocean), - it has purpose, direction and flexibility, and its never stagnant!

BUT to access your destiny in your business (like the rivers destiny is the sea!) you really need to have clarity on exactly who you are (image, identity and brand) and what you are truly passionate about and just love doing.

So, if you feel your business could do with some of this type of creative input right now, I currently have 4 spaces left for VIP days over the next month AND (get this!) I am giving away a FREE (no obligation) 20 minute coaching call to EVERYONE who enquires about this over the next 7 days!!

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