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Today's direct marketing efforts are increasingly geared toward advancing technology. Many direct marketing company leaders turn to social media, smart phones and tablets and television to market to consumers. However, studies show direct mail continues to be a preferred method of receiving marketing materials among consumers.

Direct mail UK is no exception. UK residents are more likely to respond positively to the efforts of any direct marking company looking to improve sales and response from consumers.

To produce a successful direct mail campaign, companies should follow a few simple, effective guidelines to ensure response from UK consumers. The first is to keep it simple. Staying focused on your marketing pitch and your offer to direct mail UK consumers will ensure the message is quickly and accurately received. The second guideline is to clearly define what you offer your consumer. It must be strong and concise so consumers are not confused about what is being presented.

The third guideline is to use graphic elements carefully. Direct mail has finite space due to postal regulations, so graphics need to enhance rather than take away from the primary message. Use graphics sparingly. The fourth and final guideline is to encourage consumers to act on your message. Direct mail must speak directly to consumers desire to actively pursue an offer. Think action when writing copy for your direct mail UK piece.

Some examples of successful direct mail campaigns include a letter encouraging water conservation that could only be read when recipients placed the letter under running water, and a miniature pizza box that contained a CD printed to look like a pizza. These examples clearly show how direct mail can prompt action from consumers with creative design and concise messaging.

Since direct mail is delivered by post, a direct marketing company must understand and obey postal service regulations. Failure to follow regulations will result in returned direct mail and possibly additional shipping costs. Direct Mail UK must also comply with laws such as the Data Protection Act of 1998 to ensure consumer rights are protected. Direct mail UK must follow the same rules as internet marketing when consumers request to be taken off the mailing list of a direct marketing company. Consumers will most often sign up with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) to indicate the mailing lists on which they no longer want to be listed. A direct marketing company should keep an updated MPS list at all times to check against its own mailing list. Additionally, a direct marketing company that handles personal information must notify the Information Commissioners Office. Following the creative guidelines for direct mail and ensuring postal regulations are reviewed and implemented will contribute to the success of just about any direct mail UK campaign.

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