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What Is A Content Management System?

Also known as CMS, what is a content management management system and how can it help?

A Content Management System (known as a CMS) is an online control panel that will allow you to update your company website from any computer in the world. Using a username and password you can login and update your website at any time of day or night.

A business website with a CMS will make it easy and affordable for you to add new pages, images, products, or downloads to your website. A CMS will also give you cost savings because you are able to make changes without employing your web designer at their expensive hourly rate. You can also make sure that the content is full of great keywords to help with your search engine rankings.

The system will give you control over the web site content whilst still ensuring that you cannot damage the website. The web site design and layout will still need to be created by your web designers at the start of the project.

Choosing a Content Management System
You will want to test-drive the CMS provided by each web designer. You should ask them for a demonstration of their CMS. It should be straightforward to provide you with a username and password to test the CMS online.

Once you have access to the CMS you should think about:

1.Is the CMS easy to use?
2.Could you use this CMS every day to update your business website?
3.Can you easily add new pages, images and files to your website?
4.Can you upload word files, pdf files, audio and movies?
5.Does the system offer all the features you need?
6.Can you edit all the elements of your company website? You will need to be able to edit each page and also the Menu, Sidebars, Footer, Search Engine Meta Tags and Search Engine Descriptions.

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