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Hot Leads Should Never Go Cold

Chances are when you read the title you thought that it's a pretty obvious claim. However it's a lot more common then you expect.

Its a destructive cycle as it starts with: The contact which turns into a lead, you place that lead onto a notice board or at least somewhere as a to-do for your day, 4 days pass by and you remember that your to-do has a hot lead on there.

Now you call them back and they say that someone else actually got there before you did, in fact they got the solution they were after during the phone call to your competitor. This is a seriously poor mistake to make in any industry as the obvious mistake is you let a hot lead disappear.

Chances are that youve mistakenly done this before but others try to use the waiting game as a tactic - it shouldnt even be considered as one.

If a hot lead is on the phone there and then do everything you can to either get the deal done or arrange a meeting on the day - basically anything that makes them slow the process of calling more of your competitors.

Its a simple mistake that needs to be limited or completely destroyed as whenever you have a lead, especially a hot one, there should be nothing else on your mind other then giving that lead the solution they need.

Marius Fermi

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