Seven Deadly Business Sins - 7. Envy

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Free Start-Up Articles

Envy - number 7 in a series of articles outlining seven common business mistakes to avoid. Kindly supplied by Jane Buswell of Business Fulcrum

Envy is the desire for others traits, status, abilities, or situation. You know, the emotion that prompts the "hes so lucky" type of comment.

But heres the thing, I heard a great quotation about luck some time ago and its this "Luck is creating an opportunity" May I share my recent experience concerning that?

On the first week back after Christmas I spent some time updating my profile on LinkedIn, requesting more recommendations, and looking at my contacts contacts to see who I had not been in touch with for a while

As a direct result I got invited to do a talk for the Federation of Small Business, was asked to a Ringwood based organisation to do a marketing healthcheck and went to have a cup of coffee with a great local mover and shaker who wanted to find out about my latest project

So that was lucky wasnt it?

During that week I also wrote a newsletter and posted it out to all my clients and health check contacts. I used this to re-connect with people, give them some helpful advice and mention new areas of my business. I also went to a couple of new networking events

As a direct result of that I was asked to write some web copy, design a couple of postcards and start working with a company on my marketing mentor programme.

So that was lucky wasnt it?

I hope youre getting my drift - luck may be creating an opportunity but that opportunity is often connected with a marketing activity - the second word being the most crucial. You will not gain in business by waiting for people to come to you.

Now envy was once said to be "the key behind every advertisement" but I think were all a bit worldly and cynical to go for that these days. Thats one of the reasons that social networking is being looked at so seriously by organisations big and small. And those who are most effective are not bragging about themselves or their products but offering help and advice.

So next time you are envious about a competitors workload, perhaps have a look at how he is creating his own enormous slice of luck...

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