Seven Deadly Business Sins - 3. Gluttony

Free Start-Up Articles
Free Start-Up Articles

Gluttony - number 3 in a series of articles outlining seven common business mistakes to avoid. Kindly supplied by Jane Buswell of Business Fulcrum

When you first start out in business, youll hear about networking at some point. Now this is face to face networking were talking about rather than the online social networking stuff. That is face to face networking with food – you know – cooked breakfasts, crisps and sandwiches, biscuits and muffins. Yep all the low calorie stuff ...

The following business owners should be very aware of gluttony at this point:

- Those advising on weight loss
- Those marketing exercise classes
- Those selling clothes for petite women
- Personal trainers
- Private detectives who might have to hide behind thin lamp posts

The reason for this is obvious; of course, people simply will not believe youre good at those particular activities if youre lugging around extra pounds. What were actually talking about is being congruent with your brand – in other words are you definitely walking the talk?

In terms of successfully marketing your company you do this not only through newsletters, postcards, brochures and blogs, but through your day to day actions, your day to day attitude and your day to appearance.

The good news about this is that none of these cost anything but a little (consistent) effort. The bad news is that - let one of these slip - and word travels FAST.

So make sure you are what you say you are...

If youre a website designer can I navigate easily around your site, does it look slick and professional looking and with no typos...

If youre a photographer does your Linked Profile include a decent portrait or a webcam snap?

If youre a marketing company did your exhibit at the local business event stand out?

Think brand not brandy snaps.

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