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Handling Customer Complaints

Some useful tips to help you handle customer complaints.


This popular maxim can certainly stick in your throat when your least favourite customer telephones at 5 oclock on a Friday evening to complain for the 50th time about something very trivial.

But count to ten and bite your tongue you must. Destruction of your business is much quicker and easier than building on it.

"You cant please all of them all of the time but only some of them some of the time" (Churchill).

But here are a few complaint handling tips:-

* Treat all complaints (however trivial and groundless) seriously and sensitively –showing your customer you sympathise and care.

* Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Even if the product or fault were only miniscule, it may be important to your impecunious customer.

* Appoint complaint handling to someone with tact and diplomacy (maybe not yourself)

* Try to take the heat out of a situation- and even turn it to your advantage.


In most consumer sales the customer has extensive rights
Whether the sale is cash or credit, there is a contract between you and the buyer.

The law imposes three basic rights:
1. Goods and services must be of "satisfactory quality"
2. & "fit for purpose"
3. Warranties are "extras" and do not replace common law rights.

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