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Choosing And Grading Keywords To Target For Your Site

Every business that operates online has to target keywords. However these phrases are not all equal.

Some bring in more traffic than others. There are some that get better quality traffic although the numbers may seem low. Your site should have a mix of key phrases.

Choose Keywords that Match Your Budget for PPC

If you have a small advertising budget, it will be difficult to get traffic by paying for it through Adwords or one of their competitors. It may be possible to stay away from very competitive words and instead, focus on those that you can get traffic from for a low price because they are less competitive.

Choose Keywords Based on Their Potential for Organic Traffic

There are some keywords that you may rank well for naturally. In that case you may get good organic traffic. Even without launching a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, you can get visitors to your site in this manner.

For example, if you are one of very few ice cream stores in the United States that sells chocolate mint soursop ice cream, you will rank very well for that term. Similarly, if you are one of a few auto parts dealers to offer a particular part, you will rank well for that term, once you target it on your website.

Look for Keywords That Convert to Sales
There are some keywords that will bring in lots of visitors to your site but they have a low conversion rate. The people who come to your site via these phrases are just looking for information. They are not interested in signing up for a service or buying anything.

You have to look for keywords that bring visitors who are interested in buying whatever you have to sell, who are not just looking around. If you sell apple pie, you need to write out lists or phrases that people enter when they want to buy a whole pie or other pastry that you sell. Target these keywords on your site and your conversions will increase.

Among Keywords That Convert to Sales, Look for the Big Money

You should also target keywords that bring you a large amount of profit every time someone signs up for an offer or buys a product. Make sure you target these phrases in your content since every time someone takes a desirable action, it will result in higher earnings.

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