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Reasons To Work From Home

Working from home is becoming a more common choice for several reasons. Some people are employed by large organisations and because they have responsibility for a large area are home based for expediency. They may have to call into the office on occasion for meetings and updates, but are often left to their own devices. Other people may have their own business which they operate from their home.

There are many reasons why this is a positive option.

- As a new business setting up can be expensive, especially when there is rarely any guarantee of success. Working from home initially can be less expensive, and there is more flexibility of time. Working when busy and being free to do other things when quieter can make a lot of sense.

- Modern technology provides a lot of freedom. People can set up and work anywhere and communications provide convenient accessibility.

- Overheads are able to be kept to a minimum. Even established businesses can work effectively from home for much of the time. There may be a requirement to designate an area for office space, but overall overheads are much reduced. There is no requirement for rental of premises or to provide uniforms, unless an occasional business meeting is required. Even then, many hotels are happy for business people to use their coffee bars for networking and meetings throughout the day.

- Work your own hours. Unlike a shop with an open or closed sign on the door no one knows what your office hours are. A person can be on holiday and commit to spending an hour a day on the computer servicing clients and keeping up-to-date with their business. People with children sometimes find that they are able to work more efficiently in the evenings when there are less distractions.

- Bad weather does nor concern the home worker unduly, unless clients are coming to them.

- People have to commit to come and see you. As a therapist I think that it is important that people commit to an appointment and then make the effort to turn up and keep it. Making the effort to be there on time and keep their appointment is an important part of their commitment to getting better. And working from home provides a comfortable environment for clients to relax in. Though it is important to ensure that there is a commitment to it being a professional place of work, so dressing professionally and keeping domestic matters to a minimum is important.

- Family responsibilities can be taken care of by incorporating some flexibility into the working day. Working from home means that it can be much easier to get chores done, pick up children from school, look after sick children. Though sometimes there needs to be a requirement for ground rules, especially at first, or the distractions can prevent any work from being done. In the beginning it can be important to designate certain hours or days as work time. Otherwise time can pass and the motivation to work and achieve certain goals can fade away.

Discipline and routine are crucial to effective working from home or else life can be in danger of becoming one long holiday from work. But running an organised and efficient business from home can enable time and energy to be used in the most effective way for success.

Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works with

- stressed individuals to promote confidence and self belief,
- couples in crisis to help improve communications and understanding
- with business clients to help support the health and motivation levels of individuals and teams

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