IBM backs Australian startup to boost quantum computing network

A Sydney University startup is making exciting progress in the high-stakes race of quantum computing, and has become one of just eight startups worldwide to join IBM’s exclusive ‘Q Network’.

Even if your own business is quite as technical as quantum computing, it is heartening to read about a new enterprise that is not only surviving but thriving to the point that a computer giant like IBM sits up and takes notice.

Apparently, quantum computing startup Q-CTRL is “the first spin-off company derived from the university’s current strategic support for quantum research,” said Susan Pond, director of the University of Sydney Nano Institute. And now it’s the only startup outside the US and Canada to join IBM’s network of companies working to advance quantum computing.

I can't confess to knowing much about the subject but the staggering figures quoted in the article indicate that his is a massive area of progress that is being backed accordingly.