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How To Become Sackable

It's a bit of a touchy subject in these uncertain economic times, with companies shutting down and people being made redundant everyone is constantly on edge for their careers. So how do you become sackable?

Sure there are many ways to not become sackable but how do you actually get people wanting to sack you?

1. Never complete what you start - Start a project or something and then decide to do something else half way through. Leaving it for another time to complete but ultimately forgetting about it and it never actually gets done.

2. Be a yes person - To everything, even if you think the idea is stupid or it actually is stupid. Saying yes to everything means one thing, no drama or arguments so your day is a lot more easier.

3. Hate work everyday - When you emit positive energy and push yourself to new levels it means people around you get excited and want to join in. Probably giving you a lot more work to complete in the long run but ultimately it means as you produce more excellent things more will become expected from you.

4. Dont embrace your company or culture - The minute you get in is when you should start to care a slight bit and then when you leave is the time you forget about what you are doing. When it comes to work thats all it should be, effort is optional but stick to doing what is expected of you.

5. Lots of breaks - Its recommended that you take regular breaks and holidays to cope with stress and hard work. So if you feel like you are not fit enough to go in today, dont do it.

These are simply ways to get yourself sacked from your workplace or at least limit the progress you make with your career.

Do the opposite of these and youll become unsackable.

Marius Fermi

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