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How Enthusiastic Are You?

Inject some enthusiasm into your business! Get Visioning!

"Who look outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes" (Carl Gustav Jung)

Having a vision that fills you with enthusiasm, inspiration and passion will make being in business fun, rewarding and much more focussed.

Its like knowing where you want to end up when you go for a drive in your car. Yes, sometimes its nice to potter around the country lanes just taking in the sights; however, most journeys have purpose and an end in mind. Even simply visiting the shops has an aim (what am I going to achieve? – buying a pint of milk) an objective (how am I going to do it? – go to the local shop) a measure (how will I know when I have achieved? – I will have a pint of milk in my hand) and a motivation (why am I doing this? – I want a cup of tea!) and you would do well to consider the same topics for your business journey.

Take some time out to create your business vision and have some fun! Its easy to get bogged down considering all the logistics of providing your service or product and to forget the why that will underpin your journey.

We recommend a technique known as radiant thinking, (you may have heard it called mind mapping ). Get a large piece of paper, some coloured pens and some magazines with plenty of pictures in and then create a collage or map depicting how you will feel about your business, how youd like your customers feel , what your business ethos will be.

Imagine that you have spent the day working on your business, how would you like to feel? What would you like to see? If someone was telling their friend about your venture what would you like to hear them say?

Dont hold back in this creative process, visions are ideals, the best it can be, a place to explore "what ifs" and to create something that will excite and inspire you.

Once youve spent some time really getting into this, and you only need to invest about 20 minutes, you will begin to really appreciate the fundamentals that underpin your business and, therefore, your unique selling point (USP).

Now your business ideas will really start to crystallise. Your enthusiasm will be obvious and, we all know, enthusiasm is infections!

When opportunities present themselves you will readily be able to decide whether they will support your journey to your vision or impede it, making planning and decision making simpler.

Writing it down really can make it happen! Numerous people have written various texts on the subject and they all come down to the same conclusion. By writing down your dreams and goals you activate a part of the brain called the reticular activating system (RAS to you and I!) which decides whether information being received is useful and grabbing it. So, by tuning this mechanism into what you desire the filter will grasp and retain all those juicy snippets and bits of information which can assist towards your goal.

Once you have decided on your vision then the results are seemingly synchronistic, even as far back as 1799 Goethe realised this "...the moment you definitely commit yourself, then providence moves. All sorts of things occur that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issue from the decisions, raising in your favour all manner of unseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which you could never have dreamed would come your way"

So, go for it, get visioning, youll be glad you did!

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