Health and Safety Minefield?

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Free Start-Up Articles

If the thought of sorting health and safety out for your business is giving you a headache, you are not alone.

With the potential of Directors being prosecuted and large fines being handed out, the last thing you need is an accident to occur on your site.

Tip 1 - Ensure you have a health and safety policy if you have more than 5 employees. Make sure it details individuals responsibilities and that they are aware of these.

Tip 2 - Ensure you have maintenance records for your fire alarms, electrics, asbestos, gas etc. Failure to have these is an offence.

Tip 3 - Ensure staff have been trained. Not only are you legally obliged to give your staff training , but it can really help defend a claim.

Tip 4 - Hire a competent person. All businesses over 5 employees must have access to a competent person. To have a full time safety professional is out of reach to most small businesses, so for the price of a good accountant, you can hire a consultant to act as your competent person on your behalf.

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