Latest Tips For New Business Start Ups

Here are some helpful business tips that have been kindly supplied by SYOB visitors.

We hope that you find them useful and help you avoid some of the most common business mistakes. If you would like to add a tip, we would be delighted to receive it.

The Only Thing We Can Control
In business we often have to wear different hats and suddenly you find you are in charge of everything. They say you bring your business with you, so however you feel, will be reflected in your business and vice versa. You quickly need to realise bad stuff will happen and it's not always your fault. It's often he we react to things that either make them challenges to solve or problems to avoid.So tip of today is:-"the only choice we sometimes have is how we react to things, this doesn't stop challenges or problems happening, but does mean we keep grounded whatever happens. How are you going to react today?".
Leeds Printing Company

Talk talk talk!
Working on your own, starting up a new business can be very lonely at the beginning and you may feel that you have taken a big leap into the unknown. You are not on your own though, there are lots of people out there who have taken that jump before, so get networking!
BSS Bexley

Be Social
Social Media is all about being social and engaging with your audience. If you haven't got time to do this yourself, ask the professionals to step in.
Little Leaf Social

Know where you audience hangs out
We use a lot of social media, and music based forums to find our clients, as we know that this is where they hang out. Take a few days to gather as much information about you target audience as possible!
Arctic Wolf Design

Get Networking!
Getting involved with online & local networking groups is a very good way to build the relationships which will over time help to grow your business.Don't expect to turn up, deliver your pitch and get instant business from the people in the room on the takes time to build the connections that will most certainly lead to business recommendations in the future.
TD Bookkeeping & Consulting

Cash Flow Is King
Always make sure there is and will be enough cash in the bank. Cash flow is king!
Business Data Prospects

Keep Things Simple
The temptation when you start a business is to create an extremely detailed business plan covering every future business scenario. A business plan is great but don't get bogged down in the detail, things always change so instead make sure you remain focussed on your number one objective and how you intend to hit that objective. Lots of people are willing to give advice but remember, if they don't run their own business they know little more than you, so keep focussed on your number one objective.Keep a website simple to...your customers will thank you for that
Go Zoot!

Focus & Priorities.
Where Attention Goes,Energy Flows,Result Shows.Eg. ensure you business finance has costing done well and cash flow management is very important. Note -"Cash is King"
Symbiotic Partners

Friends & Family
Never be afraid to ask friends and family to help. They usually work for free!
Kevin Kent Accountancy

Be Clear On What You Offer
Being absolutely certain what you offer your client is essential. It's tempting to offer a bit of everything to everyone, but that's unlikely to trump those specialising in each area individually. Focus on what you can offer your client and be absolutely clear on the product, service or offering you can provide. That way, you'll be sure that your website is relevant (in search results, as well as to read) and you'll find it easier to find clients who are looking for exactly what you're offering.
Stag Web Design

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