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In my early sales career, many moons ago, a Sales Director of mine, who loved to open his weekly Sales meetings with a short homily once made this statement...

"There are only 3 types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who stand by and watch things happen.....and those who say "What happened?"....."
"Which type", he asked, looking around at us fresh-faced Sales Execs, "are you....?"

As an Entrepreneur and as a business owner, we must be the type, of course, that makes things happen - but I believe there some key elements that help us achieve a winning mindset:

1. - Vision: where do you want your business to be in, say, 5 years time? Do you have a vision for your business that encompasses your goals, ambitions and values? Find your vision, and youll find your Why?....find your Why? and youll find your How....

2. - Action: committees talk, entrepreneurs act - its up to you to get things done

3. - Confidence: have confidence in yourself, in your vision, in your ideas - if you dont feel confident, how can you expect to instil confidence in your colleagues, your backers, and - most importantly - your customers...?

4. - Use your resources: as much as you may think otherwise, youre not the best at everything. Be honest about your limitations, and build a world-beating team around you.

5. - Use a mentor: take the opportunity to share your thoughts and vision with a mentor - someone you trust - someone removed from your business - someone who can help you take an objective view

This isnt the whole story, but its an important part of the story. Over the years, the words of that Sales Director still resonate - Im still striving to make things happen....

Pete is a Director of SanKalpa Global. Through a series of workshops and 121 sessions, SanKalpa Global are committed to helping individuals achieve their most fulfilled lives, focusing on Wealth, Happiness and Well-Being.

Pete Lovett