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We are happy to promote anyone who can help new business start ups and would be delighted if you would agree to act as our main sponsor for your local area(s)

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SYOB has proved to be extremely popular with start-ups, ranks well in local Google searches for relevant keywords, and is therefore well placed to help you reach this potentially attractive market.

We would be grateful for your support and will do our best to generate enquiries for you.

As our local sponsor, you will have maximum coverage in your chosen area and this will include.

* Your logo in the 'Partners' box (top left of the home/index page)
* Your logo, description and link to your site in the body of the home/index page
* Maximum coverage on the most appropriate classified page
* The right to receive all relevant local enquiries
* Maximum coverage in the local 'Start-Up pack for your chosen location(s)

* NEW - The name and e-mail address of everyone who requests a local start-up pack and the right to contact them.

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